Thursday, January 9, 2014

2011 Jordanov Merlot $13 per bottle

In November 2012 I selected for the Explorers Club a Pinot Noir from this winery that remains a consistent selling wine. When I tasted their Merlot in August I was totally blown away and considered selecting it for a club feature only to discover there was not enough wine, only 500 cases for the world. You see this ultramodern winery in Macedonia is producing some absolutely amazing wines, unfortunately in very small quantities.

No, you don't need to bump up the size of the typeface on your computer, this wine is from Macedonia. Most consumers think this country is part of Greece, who they border to the south, but it is in fact independent and considered by many wine historians to be the birthplace the cultivated vine in Europe. Apparently the ancient Greeks knew something it has taken us 4000 years to learn, that this is fantastic climate for producing wine.

The fruit for this wine comes from Tikves, an area with limestone and sandy soils, ideal for growing wine grapes. For this wine the owner/winemaker Marco Jordanov fermented in stainless steel tanks, then ages the wine for 14 months in new and second pass French oak barrels. You won't see that type of treatment on $12 American Merlot!

When you open this wine give it a splash in the decanter to allow the bouquet to blossom. Once you do it reveals a stunning nose of cooked blueberries and blackberries, complicated with notes of Thai basil, rosemary, allspice and clove. In the mouth it is deep and bold, with a surprising sense of tannins and a long finish. Drink this wine over the next two to three years with grilled sausages or lasagna.

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